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If you are looking for a strong, sturdy hound, look no further than the Beagle. Similar to a fox hound, they are shorter in stature, and tend to be lighter and smaller. Their ears are not as long as a Basset, making them less prone to infection.

Their keen sense of smell make them great trackers, especially for small game like rabbit. With training, they can be used for a number of detection purposes, and have been employed at airports for sniffing out food items coming across the border into the United States with great success.

Origin Of The Breed

Beagles were originally bred in Great Britain in the early 1830’s. A crossbreed of several other hounds (including the Talbot and Southern breeds), they have been used as hunting and tracking dogs since then thanks to their sharp sense of smell, and small size.

There are examples of earlier Beagle-like dogs in artistic and literary depictions, but the modern style of Beagle that we see today was not established until Reverend Phillip Honeywood’s pack. He bred his particular line of hound in Essex. The breed was then refined by Thomas Johnson.


Beagles are perhaps best known for their friendliness. They are some of the most pleasant and happy breeds, and extremely loyal to their owners. They get along well with other animals, including other dogs of all sizes. This is due to them being a pack breed.

They are very energetic, and need a great deal of exercise to be happy. When they are left cooped up for too long, they have a tendency to become playful and destructive, tearing apart items found around the house to let off steam. Beagles need at least an hour of physical playtime a day, sometimes more. Be prepared for a lot of walks and trips to the park!

Beagles can be difficult to house train, so be prepared for several months of crate training, and start establishing good habits early.

Comfort Zone

Though they need to be able to get outdoors and run or play, Beagles make good pets for small spaces. Apartments and small houses are perfectly acceptable, as long as their owners make sure to take them out regularly. Due to their small size, they need very little room to feel comfortable. As long as they have a loving owner, they will be happy.

But remember that Beagles are scent hounds. Too many smells can be overwhelming for their sensitive noses.

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