Cocker Spaniel Puppies

Cocker puppies


There are two different types of Spaniels, those that come from American breeding, and those that come from English breeding. But both are lovely dogs that can make the perfect addition into any family.

Croft Kennels offer English golden Cocker Spaniels that are rather small, perfect lap dogs, and don’t require as much exercise as some other dogs. A half hour walk every day and some occasional time in the sunshine will keep your canine pal happy.

Unfortunately, Cocker Spaniel’s are prone to health problems, like ear infections, allergies and eye problems. Be sure to get them into the vet for regular visits. They also require regular and intensive grooming, as their fur grows thick and can become matted without regular baths, brushing and haircuts.

Origin Of The Breed

No one knows the exact originals of the Cocker Spaniel, though there are mentions of similar dogs all the way back in the 14th century. Their general origin can be traced through the Spaniel family, which came from Spain. They get their name from their use in hunting woodcock in England.

The modern breeds we know today come from the Obo Kennels run by Mr. James Farrow.


While they may lack some of the qualities of other breeds that make them friendly, they are affectionate enough to be a popular option for those that want a cuddle buddy. They make a great breed for older people who need a dog that is friendly, but not rambunctious, and that can be happy sitting with their owner on the couch.

They are good around children, but don’t like a lot of loud noises, or to be grabbed. So if you have young kids around, you should make sure to monitor them when interacting with the dog. Cocker puppiesTeach them to be respectful and gentle, and your Cocker Spaniel should be thrilled with their company.

Comfort Zone

Cocker Spaniels are fine in small spaces like apartments, though they do enjoy getting outside a bit to lay in the sunshine or run around. You don’t have to have a yard, but you will want to make sure they get out at least once a day for a walk. They love to have a caring family that treats them well, so as long as they are by your side they will be quite content.

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