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If you have been looking for a pet that will get along with the other animals in your house, look no further than the Puggle. A Beagle/Pug mix, they are a small breed that remain within the 18 – 30 pound range. Due to their size and energy level, they don’t require more than some daily activity to stay healthy. But they do have a tendency to bark and howl, especially if they don’t get enough attention.

These are indoor dogs who do best with families. They will happily live and play with both children and other dogs, as a very social breed. They require minor grooming, but they do a great deal of shedding.

Origin Of The Breed

Puggles are a very new breed that only originated as far back as the 1990’s. They were the result of a random pairing between a Beagle and a Pug, which produced a breed that became almost immediately popular. However, they are not considered a breed club, and so are bred casually rather than professionally.

They are probably best known for their very small size, and for taking friendly and playful traits from both parents. Many people fall in love with their happy appearance.


Puggles are a very sweet dog, and love to play and be pet. They have moderate intelligence, and can respond to simple commands, or be trained. But they don’t react well to crate training, and instead thrive on positive reinforcement and praise.

Their almost complete lack of drive for prey means they get along with most any animal, though they will attempt to play. If you have a cat or dog breed that doesn’t get along well with others, it can cause conflict in the home and negatively impact your Puggle. Make sure you check on the compatibility of breeds before purchasing a second dog.

Comfort Zone

Puggles are a breed that are happy almost anywhere. Their small size makes them perfect for small houses or apartments, and their status as an indoor dog makes them good for city living. They are also good travel companions, as they don’t mind changes in scenery and quickly adapt.

The only thing they require is plenty of attention, and a lot of social time. Especially with people, which they are very fond of.

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