Irresistible Shorkies

Shorkie pup for sale in UK


Shorkies are a hybrid between a Yorkie and a Shih-Tzu. In the last couple of years they have seen a huge spike in popularity, with many breeders offering Shorkie puppies to those who are looking for small and friendly lapdogs. The most notable trait about this breed is the unique look of them. They are incredibly small, at between 6 and 14 inches in height, and between 7 and 15 pounds in weight. In spite of this, they act like a medium sized dog, and are energetic and playful. Their fur grows silky and thick, and require daily brushing to keep from becoming matted. They only have to be bathed every other month.

Origin Of The Breed

Unlike many breeds, there isn’t much of an origin to the Shorkie. They have only been around recently, as breeders have attempted to create a mixture for a friendly, tiny and attractive lapdog that is suited to both families with children, and older adults. The Shorkie has been a huge success in that regard. They take many of the best traits of their two parental breeds, without many of the health problems that come from pure breeds.


Shorkies are well known for being incredibly sweet and affectionate. They enjoy regular physical attention, such as cuddling and petting, as well as sitting in the lap and spending time in the home with their owners. They are a loyal breed that will attach themselves to the family.

Because of their loving nature, Shorkies need to spend a lot of time around people. You should only go with this breed if you intend for someone to spend a lot of time at home with them. Most of this can be spent indoors, but they also need to be walked several times a day. Make sure they have plenty of toys to play with, and that they get out to the park or into the yard on a regular basis for a game of fetch.

Comfort Zone

Shorkies are indoor dogs, and should spend most of their time with a loving family ready to give them plenty of affection. They are small enough that they will fit into any sized apartment or home, even a studio. But they have to get outside regularly for playtime and walks, and without physical activity they will become restless. They react well to crate training, especially as puppies. Because of their size, they are a rare breed where crate training can be easily managed even in an apartment.

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